Clipoptic® adapts perfectly to make all masks / goggles with prescription. It is also:

  • A lightweight optical glasses ajustable to all faces.
  • Gives the best optical accuracy without distorsions and without fog during sport.
  • Made to measure equipment easy to use and adaptable to all masks.
  • A 100% french conception and manufacturing thought for adventure and even more.
  • « Silmo d’Or » nominated in the sports category during the Silmo international optical trade show in Paris, 2017.
  • Winner of the « Artinov » award in the profession and innovation category, 2017.
  • Official partner of the ENSA: Alpinists, Guides and Ski instructors school based in Chamonix.
  • Member of OSV Outdoor Sports Valley, industry cluster.
  • Nominated in the « Design Sports » category of the German Design Award 2019.


Respiratory mask
Diving mask
Decathlon mask
Protective visor
Clipoptic is an eyeglasses equipment developed for sports activities and even more.
By giving prescription to any type of goggles, the possibilities of use are multiple and infinite.
The only barrier is your imagination.