Real eyeglasses designed for all sports, it is forgotten by its lightweight but also by its support on the face. This glasses, once converted into an optical clip, allows you to have your prescription mask for all practices. rx ski goggles, prescription motorcycle mask, prescription mountain bike mask, prescription diving mask, prescription water sports mask. The convertible and patented CLIPOPTIC® glasses are suitable for lovers of active life!

Respiratory mask

CLIPOPTIC® adapts perfectly to make PPE prescription respiratory masks according to the safety standards, as for Decathlon Easybreath masks. The advantage of CLIPOPTIC® is that it is perfectly universal, it adapts easily to masks, does not fog and respects the position of the lenses for maximum field and vision comfort.

Respiratory mask
Diving mask
Decathlon mask
Protective visor

The story of CLIPOPTIC®

2010: François Calamand decides to open his optical store specialized in sports prescription in Annecy, the heart of alps and a playground for sports.

2013: After many sales, he felt that a product was missing for his customers who wanted to switch between everyday’s glasses and sports specific glasses. A simple piece of equipment that could transfer between the two.

2014: He starts to design a new system that would start a revolution. First drawings were made in November 2014 and CLIPOPTIC® was born.

2017: After three years of intense R&D, 3D drawings and industry tests, François found the ideal product between everyday glasses and an optical insert for goggles.

The invention of clipoptic is above all an observation after eight years of relations with sporty customers and eyewear, goggle brands. Everyday glasses are often used to make « everything and anything ». A multifunction product was missing on the market, one that could be convertible to get any mask or goggle according to a prescription.

The inserts or clips available until today were not optically technical enough: many prismatic distortions (the eyes positions are not centered with the lenses), reduced visual field, fog…
And they were also limited in terms of use because not convertible into glasses. The wearer had to keep his glasses in his pocket when he putted the goggle off. Clipoptic® allows the wearer to keep his everyday glasses safe, at home and is ideal for all risky or extreme activities, with or without goggles (sports, Do It Yourself, gardening, travel…).

« A unique and universal equipment: a pair of lightweight glasses convertible within a few seconds in an optical insert adaptable in all goggles or masks available on the market.»

In classic eyewear mode, Clipoptic® can be used 365 days a year!
It’s a comfortable, ergonomic and light pair of glasses with unequalled optical properties which can be adapted to the biggest prescriptions and also adjusted to the wearer’s face.
The pair of glasses used in OTG goggles is prematurely damaged by shocks or sweat. Not mentioning the fact that it is also often uncomfortable and can be dangerous in case of fall (injuries on nose and temporal parts).

The contact lenses are not a solution neither. They request an irreproachable hygiene and are also uncomfortable when it’s windy, when the air at a certain altitude is dry and cold, or even with dust.

In optical insert mode, Clipoptic® was designed to position itself perfectly into all goggles and increase the view field.

Clipoptic® is revolutionizing the market, offering a 2 in 1 equipment, for winter and summer, with or without goggles.

All the advantages of CLIPOPTIC®

No fog
Bigger view field
Optical properties respected

Standard distance lens-to-eye

No scratches on goggle screen
No distortion with multifocal lenses
Can be fixed into the goggle

A system of convertible glasses in 6 points

  • A 2 in 1 design

CLIPOPTIC® is a hybrid technology. This equipment converts according to the wearer’s needs. From a pair of lightweight glasses to an optical insert, easily suitable in all goggles.

  • Unequalled visual comfort

CLIPOPTIC® is ideally equipped with lenses positioned closer to the eye for optimal comfort and field of vision.

  • A tailored equipment

CLIPOPTIC® fits all faces. Delivered with two nose sizes and two front bars, it adjusts according to the wearer’s face.

  • A large choice of lenses

CLIPOPTIC® allows the adaptation of several sizes and types of lenses according to the prescription and needs of the wearer. The removable support system makes it possible to have many types of lenses: sun, short-sighted, far-sighted…

  • Made for adventure & more

High-quality, lightweight and unbreakable materials that provide high impact resistance for a sporting lifestyle.

  • 100% Made in France

A patented innovation with product designed and manufactured in the Jura region, in the heart of the French eyewear know-how.